Striving for quality, we believe that communication is the means to achieve innovation through rationality and sensitivity.

In that sense Architecture and Urbanism, Interior Design and Environment, past and future, are connected thru a dynamic link underlining the tension which exists between people, buildings, cities, territories… which defines the essence of our projects.

Co-founded in 2002 by Gabriel Delage – a French architect who has extensive experience in Europe, the United States and in China since 1998 – Vector Design Group is an award winning international design company that has already achieved several influential projects.

Since 2015, project management is the responsibility of Matthieu Augereau, a French designer who earned his diploma with honors, recipient of DESA 2000 - 1st prize and laureate of the CAMELOT 2000 prize delivered by the Académie Française. Having worked with Vector since its creation, he ensures that the philosophy of the company is preserved, understanding and translating the client's needs into a unique and specific design to meet the client's objectives in terms of program, budget and schedule.

Dedicated recognized team, skilled to switch from large international projects to local ones.

Extremely reactive in terms of communication and qualification due to the integration and combination of the Chinese, French and American methods for project fabrication and overall management.

Integration of all design issues at once (site consideration, client program, technical issues…) for an optimized result in terms of design efficiency, image and cost rather than having a breakdown of tasks leading to design contradictions.

Emphasize on sustainable design and committed to sustainable solutions in order to reduce energy and electricity consumption and preserve water and other natural resources.

Part of an International network to provide resources for any type of project.

Gabriel Delage

Gabriel Delage is a French architect who graduated from L’École des Beaux Arts with honors in 1977. After completing residential projects, such as a solar-powered house, which was published in 1982, he moved to the U.S.A. He worked for Harry Weese and Associates, among other firms, as a designer before returning to France in 1991, where he successfully participated in national competitions, e.g. EDF Saint-Denis for Claude Parent.

In 1998, he came to China to launch the Shenzhen office of Aube Conception, where he acted as chief designer and achieved several landmark projects, including the OCT Ecological Plaza in Shenzhen and the Hefei International Conference Center in Anhui.

In 2002, he founded Vector Design Group Ltd. achieving many distinguished projects such as the Office Park for Wisdri in Wuhan, which was praised by the Central Government, the headquarters for Erke and Xtep (two top international sporting brands) in Xiamen and for Hansteel Group in Handan, the Water-flowers and 15 Hills High-Class Residences in Shenzhen as well as several large scale Urban Planning.

Since the early 80’s he has been very sensitive to green architecture and has been invited to many important events to give lectures about ecological buildings and their relationship with the environment. His work has been published in selected magazines and architectural websites receiving great praise.

Since 2012, he has been appointed as the first foreign expert to the Shenzhen Architectural Design Review for national & international competitions.

Design consultant since 2015, his deep ties with the company and a profound passion for architecture motivate him to be available whenever necessary.

Matthieu Augereau

Matthieu Augereau is a French architect who graduated from the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture (ESA) with honors in 2000,
recipient of DESA 2000 - 1st prize and laureate of the CAMELOT 2000 prize
delivered by the Académie Française for best diploma of French Schools of Architecture.

After acquiring some precious experience with Christian de Portzamparc –a Pritzker prize Architect– and J.M. Wilmotte, he came to China where he joined Vector Design Group at the end of 2002. He has been involved in the design and the development of most of the company's projects and has since become a partner. He is now working as executive director, overseeing the company's operations and project management.

As one of the pioneer architects of his generation to come and work in China, he has been invited to share his experience and views at several events, and is also engaged as a guest professor at the University of Geosciences, Wuhan.


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Matthieu Augereau was invited to take part in WAD 2017, World Youth Design Conference, Shenzhen and share his views and experience as a foreign designer in China. He also had the honor to be amongst the recipients of the "Person of the year" award, handed during a ceremony held after the conference.
For the 1st Wuhan Design Biennale Gabriel Delage was invited to give a lecture during the “International Forum of Ecological City and Green Building”, at Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology, along with Qin Youguo (former dean of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China), Jan Woudstra (University of Sheffield, UK), Thomas Herzog (former dean of the Faculty of Architecture, TUM, Germany), Dita Leyh & Zhang Yajing (ISA, Germany), Preston Scott Cohen (chair of Dept. of Architecture, Harvard University, USA) and hosted by Li Baofeng (dean of School of Architecture,HUST, China).

Gabriel Delage gave a lecture at Wuhan Huazhong University of Science & Technology [Design Relationship between Urban Planning & Architecture in China for the 21st Century or How the Implementation of International Design Standards may Influence the Future Chinese Planning] as part of the 3rd International Conference on Urban Development in the 21st Century [Urban Planning: Development of the Discipline and Professional Education]

Speech at the salon of “2009 Real Estate Design Trend” by Times Properties magazine

Lecture at Wuhan Huangzhong University of Science & Technology [Architecture and Environment] as part of the 3rd “U+L New Conception” National Conference [Urban and Landscape towards the “Two-oriented society” (Construction of Resource-Saving & Environment-Friendly Society)]

Lecture at Dongguan Radio & Television Station for “Dongguan Discovery - Property Fashion” Program

Lecture at China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Lecture at Tianjin Real Estate Association, as part of the World Financial Central City & Real Estate Development Annual Convention [CBD and CFD - Planning description and comparison between western and Chinese cities]

Lecture at Wuhan University of Science & Technology of Middle China [Process of project design using the Wisdri Group Office Tower project as explanatory support]