Anji Tourism Planning

Anji, Zhejiang, China / 2015

Private Commission

Land Area: 1731 ha

Construction Area: 107.000 m2

Type of Project: Planning of an Eco-Tourism Area

Conscious of the exceptional features of this hilly region at the south of Anji, the client wishes to develop the area into a high-class eco-tourism & retirement destination based on local resources.

Respecting the existing qualities of the environment, we propose to rejuvenate Dongling Village as main center of attraction as well as to implement cultural & commercial activities as nodes to the future development of the residential communities around, based on different themes: forest healing, sport, meditation...

Keeping in mind the absolute necessity to preserve the local eco-system, the different communities are minimized in area and strictly confined in favorable terrain, and connected to each other through mostly existing roads with ecological means of transportation as well as a cable car.