Wuhan CCEPC Office Park

Hubei, Wuhan, China / 2014~2017

National Competition (1st Prize)

Client: Wuhan Urban Environmental Engineer Technology Co., Ltd

Land Area: 173,839 m2

Construction Area: 154,206 m2

Type of Project: Design Company Headquarter

Status: Completed

Using the symbol of the solar system with dynamic circle geometry as well as the company logo, our design is a strong answer, in terms of architecture and landscape, to the program of an office park for one of the leading companies in the field of urban environment protection.

We propose to emphasize the relation between the company's activities and the natural environment in terms of image, use & economy with the consolidation of functions, use of natural features to reduce energy consumption, balance of earth… and forecast its development in the long term by allowing different types of uses depending on future needs.